GradeAAA Natural Sunstone Necklace

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Sun Stone
A leadership stone, just like sun, with a strong solar energy, it brings wearer warmth, strength, positive energy, courage, good luck…decrease stress, fear…

This necklace made with sunstone and sterling silver charm bead, wish would brings you natural warmth and strength
1. Natural gradeAAA sunstone beads, 6mm
2.Sterling silver Charm/Clasps/Bead Caps

Length: 16.5" Weight:0.75oz
If you need to adjust it shorter If you need to adjust it shorter or longer, pls feel free to contact me, if you need to add 1-3 more beads, it would be free of charge, if more than 3 beads, the fee would depend...

All jewelry will be shipped in a nice box..

Thank you very much for your attention