Handmade Natural Garnet Beads Necklace,Sterling Silver Charm

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Birth Stone of Jan/Regeneration/Stone of health/Vitality/Order
Garnet is believed got its name from Latine for “seed”(granate), which is similar to pomegranate seed. It brings abundance, prosperity… increases hope, faith… releases bad Karma…
As a Stone of Health, it could boost the energy of entire system, assist in healing blood related illness, reduce body toxins, purify vital organs, etc,… Its a women-friendly stone

This necklace made with the followings:
1. Natural Garnet beads, 8mm
2.Sterling silver bead, around 17*12*8mm
3.Sterling silver clasps

Length: 16.5" Weight:2.22oz
If you need to adjust it shorter If you need to adjust it shorter or longer, pls feel free to contact me, if you need to add 1-3 more beads, it would be free of charge, if more than 3 beads, the fee would depend...

All jewelry will be shipped in a nice box..

Thank you very much for your attention